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What is the 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge?
This Challenge is for men and women who have a significant amount of weight to lose, and need the accountability and support to lose weight and get on the path to a healthy way of life.
How the 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge Works:
  • All participants provide an initial and a final weigh-in, taken and entered at the club.
  • Every participant has an opportunity to be a club winner and possibly a national winner. One male and one female will be chosen at every club based on the highest percentage of weight lost. Club winners need to have lost the highest percentage of weight at their club. The national winners are the male and female who have lost the highest percentage of their initial body weight nationally.
  • Weight loss winners will be asked to provide a recently-dated before and after photo.
Win Amazing Prizes!
One male and one female National
Winner will each win $10,000.*
*See full Official Rules for additional details and prize information.
See All Winners
Fall 2013 National Weight Loss Champions
Janet R.
Lost 78.3 lbs (-35.10%) | Read Janet Story ▸
Bernard C.
Lost 124.8 lbs (-37.82%) | Read Bernard's Story ▸
Results will vary based on individual factors such as diet, genetic make-up and overall health.