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What is the 90-Day Transformation Challenge?
This Challenge is for people who are ready to alter their physique, gain muscle, lose fat or tone up, regardless of total weight loss. This Challenge is based on body fat percentage change.
How the 90-Day Transformation Challenge Works:
To compete for prizes, you need to:
  • Weigh in. Come to the club between August 2 and 4 to choose your Challenge and officially weigh in or get measured. You can’t win without doing this.
  • Take a “before” photo. For specific instructions on photos, you can review the challenge rules, click here. Or for a visual example of “before” and “after” photos, click here. Every winner must have a before photo in order to claim prizes.
  • Participate. Come to the club every Tuesday to weigh in and participate in the scheduled Try-It Tuesday event for extra motivation and accountability.
  • Weigh out. Come to the club to do your final weigh-in or get measured between October 30 and November 1 at 5pm.
  • Write your story. In 800 words or less, write the story of your transformation journey. Every story is different, and we want to hear yours.
Know the rules to win amazing prizes!
One male and one female National Winner will each win $10,000.
See full Official Rules for additional details and prize information.
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Spring 2014 National Transformation Champions
Tanette S.
46.20% Change in Body Fat | Read Tanette's Story ▸
Luke B.
74.3% Change in Body Fat | Read Luke's Story ▸
Results will vary based on individual factors such as diet, genetic make-up and overall health.